The Family Genealogy For Sheldon & Watson
and Affiliated Families

Welcome Statement:

  • This page represents the ongoing endeavor of our genealogical research. We have tried to be as accurate as possible and document all that we can. However, this is not always 100% possible. so some of the information we have is based on family remeberances and recollections. If you have opposing information we are always glad to clarify what we have and what documentation we have on the subject. If you want to know what we based certain information on, please contact us, we will respond to your query (my wife sooner than I ). The truth of genealogy is that it is an ongoing project and what we have posted here may not be accurate two weeks from it's posting and not be updated on this page, so please feel welcome to contact us.

    Use Of Our Work:

  • For the most part the information that we have posted on the website is not copyrightable, it is a collection of public records and facts that anyone could find. Therefore it is available for use by anyone. As futile as it may be, we do request that if you do use our information, that you give credit where credit is due. It is extremely disconcerting to find our effort and work posted to another web site without the recognization due and usually there are good reasons why we have not posted our information there. For those of you who persist in posting our work to commercial or other websites as your work that seems to go against the ethics of a good genealogist.


    Last updated March 2003